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Leaving the Microsoft world for Apple

posted 836 weeks ago on BloggingStocks

Filed under: Products and services, Rants and raves, Competitive strategy, Microsoft (MSFT), Apple Inc (AAPL), Top Picks 2007, Stocks to Buy, TechnologyMy in-laws have been using Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) computers forever. I have been using Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) Windows-based machines, because most of our software and that of our engineering consultants was not supported on Macs. This extended to our home/studio. Well, a few years ago my daughter (remember, the iPhone enthusiast?) got an Apple notebook, then my wife did, then six months ago my 11 year old got one. iMacs are taking over the house. Apple has made a lot of strides in the past 18 months to make all this switching much more easy. From using Intel processors, to adopting Windows options, to improving the operating system and alre

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