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Starbuck's new ad campaign piping hot for investors

posted 850 weeks ago on BloggingStocks

Filed under: Consumer experience, Competitive strategy, Apple Inc (AAPL), Starbucks (SBUX), Marketing and advertising, McDonald's (MCD)In a post yesterday, BloggingStocks' Zac Bissonnette blogged about the announcement that Starbucks (NASDAQ: SBUX) will be launching a national TV advertising campaign for the first time. Bissonnette makes a good case why this could be a bad sign for Starbucks, the paradigm and case study for word-of-mouth marketing. From one Zack to another, I'd like to take the other side of the argument. I actually think this could be good for Starbucks and good for investors. I think this is a clear case of a corporation reaching a new stage of growth and using age-accepted tools to continue growing its business. Far from being negative, I think this is a good thing. Rat

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