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Forget the U.S. Dollar, let's invest in Foreign Currency

posted 851 weeks ago on The StockMasters - Investing News and Analysis, Hot Stock Tips, Stock Marke

We all know the value of the U.S. Dollar is approaching Monopoly Money status. Let's think about investing in foreign currencies, mainly CurrencyShares Trusts. They may be a bit spendy but the CurrencyShares Euro Trust  (Public, NYSE:FXE) is sounding like a better investing idea every day. Just look at the magical return on CurrencyShares Euro Trust in the last 6 months.  Don't kick yourself if you are thinking you missed the boat, because there's plenty of time to invest while America's economy works out it's issues.   The dollar slumped to another record low against the euro yesterday and a 26-year low against the British pound. One day before the European Central Bank and the Bank of England decide on interest rates, the euro gained more than 1 U.S. cent

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