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The Black Swan Song

posted 762 weeks ago on

I?ve already devoted too much space to Nassim Taleb and his Black Swan nonsense. It?s a mystery as to why he?s considered such a visionary. But now people are claiming he?s one of the people who saw the financial crisis coming. I?ve read both of his awful books and he never made such a prediction. Taleb is a Johnny One-Note. He can talk about how people have trouble with risk. Fine, got it. But when we go to any other topic, he can?t deal. He always goes into his Napoleon Dynamite routine where he?s brilliant and everyone else is a ?freakin? idiot!? Notice in this clip when he?s asked what to do now and he has no clue. His answer is to fire Bernanke. Yep, that?ll solve things. Strip away the attitude and vindictiveness, and there?s nothing to him.

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