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Water and agriculture: ETFs for a resources rebound

posted 762 weeks ago on BloggingStocks

Filed under: International markets, Newsletters, Mutual funds, ETF Investing, Agriculture, Stocks to Buy, Green Stocks, Obama Picks"In a few years we'll be staring at new highs in the prices of many natural resources," says Larry Edelson, a specialist in resource-related stocks. In Real Wealth, he looks at two exchange-traded funds focused on food and water. "Mind you, the U.S. and global economies will not get back to the growth levels we've recently seen, not anytime soon. "But they don't have to for natural resource prices to soar again. The chief reason they will climb again: Massive, worldwide currency devaluations, especially in the U.S. dollar. "Moreover, natural resources will get a huge boost from the massive infrastructure spending that is now commencin

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