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Chinese regulator hates the US ... but still likes our bonds

posted 785 weeks ago on BloggingStocks

Filed under: China, Blackstone Group L.P (BX)Since President Nixon opened the doors to China back in the 1970s, the relationship has certainly been interesting - and complicated. Of course, now China is a critical piece of the global economy and a huge funder of U.S. debt, which is even more important in light of our massive deficit spending.So, will China continue buying up our Treasuries? Perhaps so. This is according to a piece in the FT. The director general of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, Luo Ping, said there is really no other place to put lots of cash (at least in a safe way). In fact, he wasn't too thrilled with the U.S.'s financial moves over the years. And, he even thinks the U.S. dollar will continue to sink (yes, not really a ringing endorsement from our financial s

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