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Blame Uncle Sam for the demise of Sirius

posted 772 weeks ago on BloggingStocks

Filed under: Deals, Bad news, Sirius Satellite Radio (SIRI)The stock market is tough enough to navigate without having to deal with roadblocks that have nothing to do with corporate execution of a business plan or normal supply-and-demand dynamics for equity securities. We make an investment on reasonable assumptions and take the risk that such assumptions pan out. What we can't do is foresee events that are totally outside of the control of the company, economy, or ourselves. For example, if we buy a stock of a company that utilizes acquisitions as part of its strategy, we can safely assume from past examples that the government will approve or disapprove such acquisitions in a reasonable amount of time.Continue reading Blame Uncle Sam for the demise of SiriusBlame Uncle Sam for the demis

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