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Remember Advanced Micro Devices?

posted 850 weeks ago on The StockMasters - Investing News and Analysis, Hot Stock Tips, Stock Marke

Investors and Wall Street have forgotten about Advanced Micro Devices (NYSE:AMD) and their share price shows it.  AMD shares are trading $1 or so above it's 52-week low.  But with the recent $622 million investment by Mubadala Development Co should we all rethink our bear AMD positions? AMD versus Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) which is the better investment?  I'm sick of reading those comparisons, I don't care who is going to make more money, all I care about is the return on investment, good ol' ROI.  That's all investors and day traders care about -- how much money can I make from this stock?  Hands down Intel is the better company, no question, and their stock price reflects the positive direction the company has achieved in the last 6 months: I'm not interested i

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