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A Look at Apple's 10-K

posted 836 weeks ago on

Michelle Leder reads Apple's 10-K so we don't have to: When Apple (AAPL) came out with its Iphone at the end of June, there was a flurry of activity to take it apart. That?s kind of the way I feel about the 10-K they filed late yesterday. There were so many interesting disclosures in the 170-page filing, that it?s hard to know where to begin. The filing also included the compensation and perks information that?s more commonly found in the proxy. Yes, Steve Jobs still made a single buck last year, but that?s still more than Google (GOOG) CEO Eric Schmidt made for serving as a director at Apple. As the filing notes, ?Upon his initial appointment to the Board on August 29, 2006, Dr. Schmidt declined the annual retainer fee and the automatic stock option grant to purchase 30,000 shares to wh

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