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Apple's iPhone running into European roadblocks

posted 836 weeks ago on BloggingStocks

Filed under: Bad news, Competitive strategy, Apple Inc (AAPL), iPhone, Smartphones, TechnologyWith Apple, Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL)'s iPhone setting the stage to become a phenomenon in Europe like it has in the U.S., some minor glitches are starting to unravel in the company's plans there. This week, a German court wanted T-Mobile (part of Deutsche Telekom AG) to change the way it markets the iPhone. Unlike in the U.S. -- where Apple and AT&T have a five-year exclusive partnership -- things aren't that easy in the world of European "open market" wireless.In other words, the German court doesn't want T-Mobile to sell the iPhone only in conjunction with a two-year service contract (the same deal AT&T gives U.S. iPhone customers). The court, in addition to that rather-larg

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