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What's next, Google TV?

posted 836 weeks ago on BloggingStocks

Filed under: Television, Google (GOOG), TechnologyTechnology insider blog, TechCrunch, ran a thought-provoking post yesterday about Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) entitled, The Google Set-Top Box. The article speculates that the search-engine giant may leverage its new open-source operating system, Android, to address TV advertising in a revolutionary way. Google is already testing a new ad platform for TV with Echostar (NASDAQ: DISH), being propped up with data provided by a recent deal with Nielsen. But this just addresses the way ads are bought and sold. According to TechCrunch, almighty Google's ambitions for television go way beyond just ad delivery. In short, the article posits that Google's aspirations for the mobile phone can be applied to the set-top box, itself essentially a computer. And

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