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Israel launches anti-hijack system

posted 826 weeks ago on BloggingStocks

Filed under: Products and services, Tech for the rest of us, IsraelOnly with Israeli ingenuity can you take a technology that was once reserved only for video games and make it functional in the real world. The news that Israel has launched the anti-hijacking pilot ID system developed by Elbit Systems(NASDAQ:ESLT) is good not just for the company, but for air travel as well. Starting next year, Israel will require pilots who fly to its airports to use the Security Code System (SCS), a local invention designed to ensure planes that have been commandeered for al Qaeda-style attacks are spotted in time. Israel plans a trial run for the system, using a credit card-sized keypad, next month, in cooperation with five airlines from the United States, Europe and Africa. About 10,000 of the units wi

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