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Home Inventories Drop Meaningfully in December, Trend Needs to Continue

posted 526 weeks ago on The Peridot Capitalist
Updating our long-running chart of existing home inventories, we see a sharp drop in December. The chart below shows 2007 and 2008. You can see that monthly inventory drops in the past have been temporary, and not the beginning of a new trend. Hopefully this can change going forward. In order for the economy, our financial [...]

January 26th Blogger Sentiment Poll

posted 526 weeks ago on Ticker Sense
There are more bulls than bears in this week's poll. Blogger Sentiment Poll Participants:24/7 Wall St. (-) Ahead of the Ticker (+) Carl Futia (+) Daily Dose of Optimism (+) Dash of Insight (-) Elliot Wave Lives On (-) Fallond...

Lines on the Accession of Queen Mary

posted 526 weeks ago on NakedShorts
The US Senate last week voted unanimously to confirm Mary L. Schapiro as chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission; she will probably be sworn in this week and move into the office formerly occupied by Christopher Cox once...

Peridot Capitalist Named One of 25 Best Financial Blogs

posted 526 weeks ago on The Peridot Capitalist
I just wanted to thank the folks over at 24/7 Wall St. for once again naming this blog one of the 25 best financial blogs on the web. In case you are curious about the others that were recommended, here is a link to their list, which links to each of the 25 blogs: ——————————————————————————————————————————- If you [...]

World Wide Economic Growth in 2009

posted 526 weeks ago on Ticker Sense
Below we highlight regional economic growth forecasts in 2009. As shown many emerging economies are expected to continue growing through the year; while developed nations are expected to contract. European countries are expected to contract the most and China is...

Banks Tank: Worst Decline in History

posted 526 weeks ago on Ticker Sense
Bank stocks are currently in a decline worse than any in their history; including the Great Depression. As shown below, as of 1/21/09 the KBW Bank Index had declined 78.5% from its 2007 peak; in the 1930s the New York...

Warren Buffet's Musing

posted 526 weeks ago on Financial Skeptic

News you can?t use

posted 526 weeks ago on NakedShorts
Timmy G. advocates Turbo Tax DollarIt would probably save a lot of trouble to just include this line in the Secretary of the Treasury?s oath. A strong dollar is in America?s national interest Assuming, of course, that America?s national interest...

Great days in customers? yachts

posted 526 weeks ago on NakedShorts
M&T v. Deutsche Bank EditionIt?s finally dawning on market players and investorsthat Wall Street?s interest and those of investors have never been aligned...Investors are beginning to say to themselves: ?Hey, thereis someone who will benefit if this doesn?t go well.?...

* Blushing furiously *

posted 526 weeks ago on NakedShorts
Thanks to Douglas A. McIntyre and Ashley C. Allen at 24/7 Wall Street for ranking these pixels among Wall Street?s Best 25 Financial Blogs. 24/7 Wall St.'s Best 25 Financial Blogsby Douglas A. McIntyre and Ashley C. Allen24/7 Wall Street...
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