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'Bad Bank' Plans, let's Run with the Bulls (FAS)

posted 546 weeks ago on The StockMasters - Financial News, Stock Market Trading, the Best Stocks fo
Finally, an up day today, the Dow Jones is up 134 points this morning and it could go higher. Bad Bank is the word of the day, and its worth trading on.  The FAS is already up 27% today. read more

Great days in securities fraud

posted 546 weeks ago on NakedShorts
Mark-to-market. Mark-to-mystery. Now, Mark-to-Madoff.The Obama administration is close to deciding on a plan to purchase bad ? or non-performing and illiquid ? assets from banks, according to industy (sic) sources. The plan could be announced early next week.The so-called ?bad...

A new era error in regulation

posted 546 weeks ago on NakedShorts
Queen Mary Schapiro (right) was sworn in yesterday as chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission by commissioner Elisse B. Walter (left). In an unrelated development, operators of the federal employees? health plan confirmed that it would in future...

Travellers - Did They Say Enough?

posted 546 weeks ago on Financial Skeptic

Obama Team Discussing Bad Asset Purchase Program, But It May Be Too Late

posted 546 weeks ago on The Peridot Capitalist
I have written here previously that I didn't understand why former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson abandoned the original plan for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP); buying troubled assets from banks to free them up to have more lending flexibility. CNBC reported Tuesday evening that the Obama economic team is preparing a plan to do [...]

Gold is Overbought

posted 546 weeks ago on Ticker Sense
Currently Gold, trading at a spot price of $896/oz, is 3.3% above its normal trading range. Birinyi Associates classifies it as being "overbought" and while it might not be a sell we would advise clients and readers that they not...

With Consumers Paring Back, Netflix Business Gets Stronger

posted 546 weeks ago on The Peridot Capitalist
If people are looking to cut back on discretionary spending, the Netflix (NFLX) mail order DVD service can obviously help. Rather than spending $30 at a theater for a couple to see a movie and order some snacks, a Netflix subscription can cost half that for an entire month. Not surprising, fourth quarter sales and [...]

Madoff inquiry: Animal indignities edition

posted 546 weeks ago on NakedShorts
Duck-shoving, ass-covering highlight hearingThe Fooles on The Hill ? this time d/b/a Chris Dodd?s Senate Banking Committee ? took another swipe at the Madoff Maelstrom today, with a hearing prosaically entitled ?Regulatory and Oversight Concerns and the Need for Reform.?...

Crane Smoke Screen Roll Up

posted 546 weeks ago on Financial Skeptic

Bear Market Rally or Bull Market Correction?

posted 546 weeks ago on Ticker Sense
The debate continues over the path of the market; bloggers continue to be bullish, and strategists at expecting a 20% gain in 2009, but $900 gold the recent sell-off in stocks and wary economic news has kept bears calling for...
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